10 reasons to study in Kazakhstan

10 reasons to study in Kazakhstan

Students who come to study at our universities benefit from quality courses that are backed by research that is an international benchmark. They can also enjoy a wealth of cultural and leisure activities, multicultural and committed to modernity and progress.

There are welcome and guidance services available to university students that will help them find accommodation and in dealing with the language. University Centre has a bank of flats and rooms for rent in the centre available to the academic and research community. The universities also have international student services offices that will help with all the basic processing to make stays easier (healthcare information, foreign resident permits, sports and leisure activities, and so on).

Decent and affordable education

Tuition fees for the international students in Kazakhstan are affordable. The fee starts from 2,000 EUR per year and end at 35,000 EUR for MBA Program.  Besides the low tuition fees, there are opportunities for the scholarship program for native as well as international students. Currently, Kazakhstan offers scholarships for prospective students from China, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and Belarus etc. Some universities despite their short history of existence are developing drastically and rapidly and you can find some national universities on the great positions in the international ratings.

Hospitality of locals

Kazakhs always received everybody with dignity, whatever guest turned out to be. According to the tradition, the most respectable guest was seated on the most honorary place, to his left and right sat others, also very respectable people. The late guests were also received with dignity; the younger people moved and gave their way and place to the arriving guests.  Kazakhstanis are very hospitable and friendly to everyone. international students always can ask for help and will get it.

Kazakhstan is a peaceful & politically stable country

Many people in the world, till today, confuse Kazakhstan with Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan & other “stan” countries as they do share some historical background. Nowadays, Kazakhstan is the most peaceful country of all Post-Soviet Union. The Government officially supports the equality of all countries and their ethnic rights and Kazakhstan proudly keep the traditions of hospitality

Travel and Exploration

Kazakhstan situated in the Central Asia and a very small part is might be considered as part of Europe. You can explore the beautiful nature places of Kazakhstan and also explore Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and China, which is very close to Kazakhstan. You can divide in an atmosphere of friendliness and Asian culture

Affordable cost of living

Another great reason for studying in Kazakhstan is low living costs in comparison with Russia & the Western world. The cost of food and clothes on the market is affordable. Products are highly natural and rich with the vitamins and minerals. Locals consume large amounts of meat and farm products

Explore a unique multicultural society 

The uniqueness of Kazakhstan is expressed in its multicultural and multiethnic people. Historically, people of different nationalities and religions have lived here in peace and harmony. Tolerance and hospitality are the main features of the Kazakh people. Kazakhstan’s formidable success as a country that has been able to prevent ethnic and religious strife in a territory where 140 ethnic groups and many religions reside; this could be a model for study and imitation for some Western countries that are facing multicultural crises.

Unforgettable experience

Adventure are guaranteed in Kazakhstan! One of the greatest things about studying in Kazakhstan is the opportunity to experience a climate, culture and way of life that is beyond compare. You can experience the coldest winter together with a hot summer in your life. If you will choose the south part to study, you will explore all the beauty of our nature. Mountains, lakes and canyons are waiting for you. Eastern part also rich with unique unexplored places. Burabay on the central-western part is called the 2-nd Switzerland. And the Caspian Sea on the west is the largest closed reservoir in the world.

Broad your horizons

The truth is that most people do not know what and where Kazakhstan is. Some people still believe that what was shown in the movie “Borat” is true. Others associate Kazakhstan with all countries that have “stan” in the end. And a small part thinks that Kazakh still living in a nomadic lifestyle. Coming to Kazakhstan as a student will be the perfect opportunity to challenge your viewpoints since you’ll get to experience everyday life there and communicate with locals. That might bring the positive impact on how you see our country and the world in general, at least it terms of understanding different perspectives. Just come with an open mind, and Kazakhstan will embrace you!

Unique educational system

For many years Kazakhstan was a part of Soviet Union and as a result implemented it educational system, which is still considered one of the strongest in the world. Nowadays Kazakhstan’s educational system is a mix of the Soviet and modern education systems including foreign cases and components in programmes.

Good job opportunities

Many programmes in Kazakhstan has a recognition by international accreditation agencies (CEEMAN, FIBAA, ACQUIN, ASIIN, AACSB, etc.). All universities have their career centers or associations who help student to find their perfect workplace in national, international and foreign companies.

Gain Employment Advantage

  • Opportunities to study in the city of great perspective
  • Lectures of foreign professors from leading partner-universities
  • Great opportunities in research facilities
  • Academic mobility to the leading partner-universities of the world
  • European Diploma Supplement
  • Gateaway to further education and professional career
  • Multicultural and friendly environment
  • Great of variety of educational programs
  • Education in English, Kazakh and Russian
  • Foundation courses