Narxoz University

Narxoz University is one of the leading economic universities in Kazakhstan with more than semi-centennial history and a distinguished national legacy. It is a private university that offers education in the field of economics and business in three languages. About 5000 students attend the university and its alumni family amounts to about 140 thousand professionals. Around 350 faculty staff work at Narxoz with international top-management.
The University comprises of the following educational units: School of General Education, School of Law and Social Sciences and Business School. Narxoz has 21 bachelor degree programmes, 17 master degree and 7 doctoral programmes and the university is engaged in massive online courses and tailor-made online courses development.

The Development Strategy of Narxoz University for 2018-2025 years focuses on the implementation of fundamental changes to face the challenges arising in a rapidly changing global educational environment and aims to create a dynamic, transparent and creative university where reign mutual respect and trust between all stakeholders.
The key pillars of Narxoz strategy are to ensure that our graduates speak at least 3 languages (Kazakh, Russian, English) upon graduation from the University, have a global and socially responsible view, committed to life-long learning and are competitive at national and international levels.

Narxoz today is an active member of a number of international associations: CEEMAN, EFMD, RABE, PRME, BMDA, Magna Charta Universitatum, ECBE, Eurasian Association of Universities, International Association of Finance-Economics Education (IAFEE), Kazakhstan Fund for Management Development (KFMD), EUROBAK, ACPHA, ICHRIE, British Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan, American Council. Our international partners’ network includes more than 50 partners from 12 countries, of which 19 joint agreements are on double degree programmes. The University actively collaborates with 34 HEIs in the Commonwealth of Independent States and have close relations with neighbouring Central Asian HEIs.
In addition, Narxoz is an active participant of the Erasmus+ Programme. Every year the  University applies to 10-15 projects. From 2009 the University has participated in 14 projects of TEMPUS, ERASMUS MUNDUS, ERASMUS+. In 2013 university became grant holder of the PEOPLE project. Projects within the International Credit Mobility are also successful while signing 4-6 agreements every year.